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"One of the finest Elvis book releases... this century"

Nigel Patterson (Elvis Information Network)

"I'll say it again: Elvis fans will love this book"

Alan Hanson (Elvis History Blog)

"This is Elvis catnip"

Dylan Jones (editor, GQ magazine)

"I recommend this book without qualifications"

Eldon Edwards (Amazon review)

ELVIS BOOK OF THE YEAR 2018 (joint winner)

Elvis Information Network



(ALL BOOKS not just Elvis or music ones)

"I’m not a great fan of Elvis, but... Duffett has produced a fascinating look at both Elvis and his songs"

Charles Packer (Reviews Graveyard)

"Insightful... expertly conveys the subtleties"

Publisher's Weekly

"A feast for fans... meeting Elvis via Duffett's prose is a scintillating treat"

B. Lee Cooper (Prof., Newman University)

"Five stars... a great read... the author is a true Elvis fan"

RetroHound (Goodreads)

"Shines a light on Elvis Presley's importance as an interpreter of songs"

Bill Kopp (MusoScribe)

"Some 500 notes safeguard the quality... in an impeccable manner"

Peter Jonsson (Pop Diggers)

"Recommended for music and popular-culture collections and anyone for whom Elvis has not yet left the building"


"One of the most interesting and informative... in my collection of well over fifty"

Robert S. Harmon (Amazon review)

"Challenged my views and also provided new insights... what more could you want?"

Piers Beagley (Elvis Information Network)