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With this page you can search for notaries public commissioned in the state of South Carolina. The search makes no distinction on which fields are searched and the order of words does not impact results. The link below provides real-time access to the notary public database. THIS DATA IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. To narrow down this search, you may select a county name or enter all or part of a city name or a Zip Code. A notary public is an individual issued an appointment by the Secretary of the Department of Financial Institutions to serve the public as an impartial witness, performing notarial acts as are allowed or required by law. Last Name: Last 4 of Social Security #: Comission County: “Search using name or commission number” use these lookups to verify that a Notary Public or JP has an active commission of record or to verify a commission number. Section 406. A Notary who advertises his services must provide a statement "I am not an attorney licensed to practice law and may not give legal advice about immigration or any other Search Search Open Data Home What is this? Metrics Data & Moderation Policy. Verify a Notary: Last name * First name : Commission : expiration date: mm/dd/yyyy: search by Notary ID: The commission number is assigned to every notary public at the time of appointment in many states, and it is reflected on the notary commission. 16 Francis St. If you do not know your voter registration number, call your County Board of Elections and Voter Registration or you may visit the South Carolina Election Commission website. Once the application has been processed by the Secretary of State, you will receive a Notice of Appointment and Oath of Office. If you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact the Notary Public Unit at (512) 463-5705. " Due to the threat of inclement weather, our office will be closed Monday, Feb. 350 N State St. Several other options will be available under the Edit License link, such as: Update Mailing Address; Renew your commission (if within 90 days of expiration) Order a copy of your commission Drug stores and pharmacies. CERTIFICATION CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED THROUGH THE SACRAMENTO OFFICE OF THE CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE. 17. Each notary has a notary number. Search results may not appear for a particular city, as participation in the city search listing is voluntary and notaries may opt-out of this database. For the incorrect address, phone number or county the change can be done online by accessing the notary application using your login (commission number and password). ) MN Relay Service: 711. Notaries Public Search Options. This law eliminated the need to record the notary commission with the county or any other office, the commission’s status is maintained on our public database. You may use our online search or call the Notaries Division at (803) 734-2512 to see if a notary is commissioned in the state of South Carolina. Close the search browser or toggle between browsers to return to this page. To contact our office please call 614. To become a notary or renew your notary commission in this state, you must: be (1) at least 18 years of age; (2) be a resident of this state; (3) possess your civil rights (a felon cannot be a notary); and (4) have never had your notary commission revoked in Once your commission is linked to your dashboard, you will be able to view basic information about your commission such as status and commission number. Notary Name: Commission Number: Expiration Date: Expired Aaron, Cynde: GG 219243: 5/29/2022 Abad, Maylene: GG 243156: 7/30/2022 Abbate, Jessica: HH 19366 If the information on this translated website is unclear, please contact us at 360. to 4 p. To find a notary, please enter at least one search criteria and click Submit. gov Current: Notary Notary . Become a notary. You may look for information on a specific notary using the search feature. UCC@tn. 00 application fee using a credit or debit card. A notary seal must contain the notary’s name exactly as it appears on the notary application for appointment, the word “notary public” and “State of Kansas” or words of like import. Notary Change Form(Effective 12/6/2017) Use this form to change name, address, and/or seal; South Dakota Notary Database. To apply for a notary commission online, you will need a personal myAlaska account, internet access, a valid email address that accepts PDF attachments, the ability to open and print a PDF file, scan and upload your bond and oath of office documents and also pay the $40. All notary forms must be completed and submitted online. 4559 or click here to send us an email. An Arizona notary must meet several basic requirements which are listed in Arizona Revised Statute (A. Phone: (502) 564-3490 Send an Email To apply for a Notary Public Special Commission appointment, download the form and return it with a $10. Please contact our office by email at notary@governor. There it must be recorded before the applicant is officially a notary. Each search option opens in a new browser window. gov Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) (615) 741-3276 | TNSOS. Notaries are appointed by the Secretary of State for a term of four years. Current notaries are listed by name and county. There is 1 notary for every 244. How to Apply or Renew a Nevada Notary Commission if you are a Resident of Nevada. An applicant must complete the application form provided by the Secretary of State and must obtain a notary bond valued at $5,000 from a bonding or surety company. Go to Notary Public Directory Search Notary Supply information for new notaries. , expired, revoked, suspended, or failed to qualify), please contact the Notary Public Section. Renewing your traditional commission does not automatically renew your online commission. Notary Education Program: Take the interactive education program designed for first time applicants for a notary commission. Search Note: The Secretary of State's Office is a filing repository and does not determine the authority of a filer to make a submission. Business, Lien & Notary Information Phone Line: Metro Area: 651-296-2803 (9 a. Annapolis, MD 21401 ~ Phone Number: 410-974-5521 ~ FAX Number: 410-974-5190 Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 ~~~ Certification Hours: 8:30 - 4:00 Renew Notary Commission; Find A Notary; Register of Deeds Services Access; Search for Notary Number. 7 California residents. The application includes an oath of office, which must be sworn and notarized. Daily Transaction Journals Dec 30, 2020 · Notary public commission terms that expired after May 7, 2020 through November 3, 2020, are extended for 180 days on a rolling basis (i. If you are a notary, your notary number should be on your commission letter, notary stamp, and any documents you have notarized. , someone whose commission expires on May 8, 2020, will have their commission extended until November 4, 2020, and someone whose commission expires on November 3, 2020 will have their commission extended Search Active Notary Public Please Note: A1423: A notary public who is not licensed as an attorney-at- law shall not use or advertise the title of lawyer or attorney-at-Law. Option 1 - Find Notary by Name. Search Notary Database. gov Workers’ Compensation Exemption Registrations (615) 741-0526 | TNSOS. Please note that a notary commission may only be renewed during the 90 day period before expiration and 90 days after expiration. Contact Us. 16 in observance of Mardi Gras and will reopen on Wednesday, Feb. General Information. Metro Area: 651-296-2803 (9 a. To apply to become a Notary Public, re-apply for a Notary commission or update your personal information, please visit our online notary portal. “Search by city” use this lookup to find a notary. ) Greater MN: 1-877-551-6767 (9 a. by Bonding Company. A notary public is an officer appointed by the Michigan Secretary of State to attest to the authenticity of a person's signature, to administer oaths, and to witness acknowledgements. S. Please do not contact us to remove this info. Notary Public Directory Search Search for registered Notary Publics. Find a Notary Expand Bread Crumb To find registered Notaries near you click search and allow tracking below or enter an address and click search, then use the filter button to display the Notary results. Notary Search: Use this online form to search the Notaries Public database for information about commissioned notaries. To obtain a list of the bonding agencies approved to process notary public commission applications. In the phone book under "Notary Public". Notary Commissions (615) 741-3699 | TNSOS. The By Name or Commission Number field allows you to search for: First and Last Name of a Notary; Business Name; Commission Number; Results will only provide inactive notary records when ‘Include Inactive’ has been checked. MVTL@tn. Easy online tool to enable Maryland citizens to apply to be commissioned as a Notary Public in Maryland, or to renew and manage existing Notary commissions. BUSINESS SERVICES 450 N. 014 of the Texas Government Code and Section 121. To report your notary public seal as lost or stolen. Click the edit link on the information screen, type over the incorrect information and save. To obtain information about a particular notary public or a notary public’s surety bond. Notary public home. Should you encounter problems or have questions about using this facility, please e-mail the Webmaster. Please call or email for any services. Search Search Open Data Home What is this? Metrics Data & Moderation Policy. If you need assistance please contact a member of our Notary section at 304-558-8000. gov Welcome to the Kentucky Notary Lookup Service. Search Criteria. The search can be performed on the first name, last name, or both names. Remote Online Notary Public: Remote Online Notary Public Information: Notary Education Program: Take the interactive education program designed for first time applicants for a notary commission. A notary commission may be renewed as early as two months before your current commission ends. Public service counters at the office are currently closed. Expired notaries are removed from the list after three months. Oct 19, 2019 · A notary public is an individual commissioned by a state government to administer oaths and witness signatures on official documents. Lookup 1000+ CA notary public listings. 644. Notary Index Search Search the Georgia Notary Indexes for Notaries. County: This search returns a listing of all notaries for a given county. Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0080 (208) 334-2301 [email protected] [email protected] Your commission as a notary public will be for 5 years from the date the Governor and Council confirm your appointment. The Oregon Secretary of State works to maximize voter participation, is a watchdog for public spending, makes it easier to do business in Oregon, and preserves and promotes Oregon history. e. City: Notary Search Use this online form to search the Notaries Public database for information about commissioned notaries. , you may use a wildcard search by placing a '*' following the partial data entered (example - not sure if Alan To search for information on a particular notary and/or commissioner, enter a name in the appropriate field and click on Search. 15. A membership number is the number assigned to members of notary organizations. These requirements will be reviewed and verified in the application process. Notaries - signup today. All inactive and active notaries registered with the Notary Commission are contained within this database. Complete one or more of the criteria fields to the right and click on the 'Submit' button to execute your inquiry for processing. Names are search by "last name, first name. You can look-up that information HERE . Appointment and Commissioning. Within a week after appointment, you will receive your commission, oath, Notary Public Manual and other information from the Secretary of State’s Office. First Name: Middle Initial: Last Name: Suffix: Find Notary by Commission ID. This is for informational purposes only. ) Anyone may request the address and telephone number of a notary by submitting a letter of request stating the name of the notary, the notary’s registration number, the notary’s expiration date, and the reason for the request to the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Log in. by Commission Date. This search will return notaries currently Mailing & Physical Address New Mexico Capitol Annex North 325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300 Santa Fe, NM 87501. This number is the number of the notary's commission. Submit Notary Application for Appointment or Reappointment Online Information on Remote Notarial Acts with Respect to Tangible Records Register for Notarial Acts with Respect to Electronic Records (Remote, In-Person or Both) “Find a Specific Notary” is designed for those needing to contact a specific notary for information or correction of a notarization previously performed. In addition to the application form and fee, the applicant must have taken and passed the notary public examination. Notary commissions are issued for eight (8) years. gov if you need additional verification or have questions related to the search results. 902. by Expiration Date. net Mini Notary Website Samples of each can be found in our Notary Public Reference Manual (PDF). Hours: 8 a. If you are looking for notaries in a particular county simply type the county name in the county field and click on Search. WCER@tn. The service is for informational purposes only. See full list on sos. This is an informational file that lists active New Jersey Notaries Public, along with information on their commission periods (valid through dates) and location (city and zip). The date of appointment will be indicated on your commission. Commission Number: This search returns the name of the notary issued the Commission Number entered. In accordance with AL Code Section 36-20-70, the probate judge reports to the Secretary of State the name, county of residence, date of issuance and date of expiration of the commission of each notary appointed and commissioned under applicable law. If you have a current notary commission and you have changed your name or address since the issuance of the commission, you must inform the Secretary of State's Office by Secretary of State Welcome to the online Notary Public search page. For information concerning inactive notaries public (i. Using the options below, you can locate anyone who was appointed as a notary public, state at large, from 1996 to the present. Name: Dec 10, 2020 · Welcome to the New Jersey Notary Public search service. virginia. Menu Menu Close. Click "Search". If you are a notary and would like to be listed in our search, you can purchase a subscription: Notary. FAQ Search for a Notary Public. How to Search . Use our interactive notary public map search to find a qualified notary public or notary loan signing agent close to your location. The information system can query for a notary by name for a specific city or county. m. 00 fee made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer to: Notary Commissions P. SOSDirect - Business Filings Business Copies and Certificates Use the Ohio Notaries Publid Search to locate Ohio notaries and specific information, including names, dates of commission and expiration, addresses, counties of residence and commission numbers. If you would like contact information for a specific notary public, you may call the Public Records Division in the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office at (617) 727-2836 and request that information. . Obtain a notary seal. 310-210-6319 Dual State Notary Commission Information Office of the Kentucky Secretary of State 700 Capital Avenue Suite 152 Frankfort, KY 40601. For notaries appointed prior to January 1, 2020, you will have to contact the county clerk of the county of appointment to verify whether the notary completed the For more information, please contact Notary Commission at 615-741-3699. 012(b) and (c) of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code have been amended, changing the notary record book requirement for listing addresses from “residence or alleged residence” to The State of NJ site may contain optional links, information, services and/or content from other websites operated by third parties that are provided as a convenience, such as Google™ Translate. Verify a notary. If you are a notary and want any information changed, you must use an official California notary change form. An impression of the notary seal, or, if the seal is a stamp, a copy of the stamp must accompany the Notary Public Appointment Form. Filing county code number (county where the oath of office and bond are on file) (PDF); Commission number; and; Commission expiration date. Ste 220 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2325 Phone: 801-538-1041 Phone: 800-995-VOTE Fax: 801-538-1133 To report a change in your home address, business address, telephone number, or criminal record. The filing fee totals $11. It is the responsibility of authorized filers to frequently check the status of filings on the Web site to ensure protection against submissions by an unauthorized party. An applicant for a notary public commission must submit to the Division of Licensing Services an original application and $60 fee. Open Data Home What is this? Metrics Data & Moderation Policy. * To search for Appearance Enhancement Licensees (Cosmetology, Nail Specialty, Esthetics, Natural Hair Styling, Waxing and Businesses) and Barber Operator and Business Licenses, you must go to the License Center and select California Notary Public Search There are currently 250 active notaries public in California. Enter then name of the notary you are looking for and click the search button. 3900 for help in your language of choice. The total number of notaries public currently commissioned in the State of Michigan is more than 113,000. Find a notary using our nationwide map search. There is 1 notary for every 245 California residents. by Name. R. Last Name or Last Name, First Name; Commission Number Search Descriptions. File Number Search; Search Notary Index > Notary Index Search. O. Box 821 Frankfort, KY 40602-0821. Once approved the commission will be mailed to the county clerk in which the applicant resides. alabama. Notaries in the State of Alabama are appointed and commissioned by the probate judges of the various counties. In the email, you will need to provide the commissioned name of the notary, the notary’s registration number, and the expiration date. To be renewed successfully, take care to send in: An original signed notary application, An original signed and notarized bond, and; A $43 dollar application and bond filing fee. The office will also be closed Tuesday, Feb. There were 250 or more results returned for your Please make sure you tell us your name as it is on your notary certificate and, if possible, provide your license number. Please enter search criteria below to start your search (enter data in any field- we will search with whatever information you provide to us- remember less is more!) If you have partial information, or not sure of the exact name etc. 4th Street Boise, ID 83702 P. Our office cannot commission someone who does not meet these standards. 22. Name: This search returns a listing of all notaries matching the name entered. Only the California Secretary of State's office can verify the validity of a notary commission. Hours of Operation 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday Renew My Commission. California notary public search. ) § 41-312(E). First Name: Middle Name: Last Name: County of Commission: Commission Number: Search.